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  • KTZ Ceramic pump
KTZ Ceramic pump

KTZ Ceramic pump

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KTZ Ceramic Pump

KTZ Ceramic Pump Performance



Characteristics of KTZ Ceramic Pump

Ceramic pump materials may provide enhanced performance, low wear, high-temperature capability, corrosion resistance and low media contamination.

Ceramic materials compose pump components such as liners, plungers, balls and impellers, which are in contact with abrasive or corrosive media. Sliding components within the drive portion of the pump also benefit from the low friction, tight tolerances and the ability to run dry or without lubrication. Ceramics are brittle, low-toughness materials, so plastic or metal housings and backings are used behind the ceramic components for support and durability.

Application and Feature

It is suitable for conveying strong abrasion and high concentration slag slurry in mining, metallurgy, coal, power, steel and other industries. The maximum weight concentration of solid-liquid mixture is 45% and 60%.
Design life of main engine: 20 years’
service life of overflow parts: 3-4 times of Cr26
Overflow parts repair and replacement time: 6 hours

bearing components maintenance time: 12 hours

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