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How To Adjust The Flow Rate Of Slurry Pump?

In the use of slurry pump, we sometimes need to adjust the flow rate of slurry pump. This article summarizes 9 methods and hopes to help you.

1. Variable speed adjustment

The flow rate is adjusted by changing the rotational speed of the impeller of slurry pump. The additional power loss of this method is very small, and it is the most economical method. But need to increase the variable speed mechanism and variable speed motor, the initial investment cost is high. Constant pressure variable frequency water supply system and central air conditioning cooling water (chilled water) circulation system are two typical examples of the application of variable frequency speed regulation in slurry pump regulation. The method of changing the speed is most applicable to turbine, internal combustion engine and DC motor driven slurry pumps. Variable frequency regulation can also be used to change the motor speed. Sometimes the rotational speed can also be adjusted by means of a hydraulic coupling.

2. Outlet valve adjustment

It is currently the most common and popular method of use. Install the regulating valve in the discharge pipe of slurry pump. By changing the valve opening degree to achieve flow adjustment. The method is simple and reliable, but the power loss is large and the economy is not good. For small flow or small flow adjustment effect is not good.

3. Increase or decrease the number of slurry pumps

By increasing or decreasing the number of slurry pumps, supplemented by a suitable combination of ways to achieve the regulation of the slurry pump flow.

4. Bypass regulation

The use of bypass shunt flow adjustment, can solve the slurry pump in the small flow continuous operation of the problem. But cause the shunt flow is not fully utilized additional losses increase. At the same time, the process pipeline is also increased.

KTQ submersible slurry pump

KTQ submersible slurry pump

5. Cavitation regulation

By changing the slurry pump inlet pressure (water level, suction valve), the method of cavitation, change the characteristic curve of the slurry pump. Thus, the method of changing the flow of slurry pump. Practice has proved that cavitation regulation, if used properly, is not serious damage to the slurry pump overflow components. On the other hand, the flow rate can be automatically adjusted to reduce the power consumption of the slurry pump.

6. Impeller replacement

Replace the impeller of different diameter mouth outlet width to adjust the flow of slurry pump, power loss is small. But need to prepare a variety of diameter impeller, and adjust the flow of limited range.

7. Blocking part of the impeller runner

By blocking the impeller runner (even number) to reduce the flow of slurry pump. Equivalent to the outlet valve throttling adjustment. But belongs to the active adjustment, additional energy loss is reduced.

8. Adjust the outlet angle of the vane

By changing the impeller vane outlet angle to achieve the adjustment of the slurry pump flow. This method is mostly used in axial flow slurry pump.

9. Cut impeller outer diameter

By cutting the impeller outer diameter to adjust the flow rate of slurry pump, the power loss is small. But the impeller can not recover after cutting, that is, only to adjust the flow rate in the direction of small flow. Impeller cutting volume is limited, the flow adjustment range is limited. It is suitable for long time working in small flow rate and the flow rate is not changed.

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