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How to Reduce the Wear of the Slurry Pump?

It is necessary to reduce the wear of the slurry pump, which can effectively reduce the cost of mineral washing. From pump design, production to pump application in production, there are issues and requirements that should be paid attention to. In summary, there are roughly the following points:

slurry pump

How to reduce the wear of slurry pump?

First, the design method should be consistent with relevant theories

In hydraulic design, because the pump is a mixture of solid and liquid, the characteristics of the solid and liquid mixture should be considered in the design, and the two-phase flow theory should be used for the design. At the same time, reference should be made to new scientific research and theories to make the shape of the flow part at the flow path more similar to the slurry trajectory. This can reduce the impact and friction of solid particles on the slurry pump, thereby reducing wear.

Second, improve the structure

Taking reasonable parameters to design the structure and the selection of the blade inlet diameter D have a great influence on the wear capacity and efficiency. For the parts that are easy to wear in the slurry pump, in addition to improving the theoretical design, the structure should also be improved. The parts here should be made as replaceable as possible. At the same time, the structural design should be better considered Easy replacement.

Third, do the daily maintenance work, such as:

(1) Keep the equipment clean, dry, free from oil pollution, and not leaking.

(2) Check daily whether the sound of the pump is normal, whether there is vibration and leakage, etc. If problems are found, they should be dealt with in time.

(3) Check whether the oil level in the bracket is appropriate every day. The correct oil level is near the oil level line and must not exceed ± 2mm.

(4) It is strictly forbidden to work under the condition that the slurry in the pool is evacuated, because the slurry pump working under the evacuated condition not only vibrates violently, but also affects the life of the pump.

(5) Each pump is marked with the size of the largest solid particles allowed to pass. It is strictly forbidden to enter the pump with metallic objects and large solid particles that exceed the pump. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to enter the rubber, cotton yarn, plastic and other flexible materials in the pump, so as not to damage the over-flow parts and block the impeller and flow path, which will cause the pump to malfunction.

(6) Check the pressure and flow of shaft seal water and cooling water frequently. The method of checking the opening of the shaft seal water valve or detecting the temperature of the stuffing box can be adopted. When the temperature is high, the water supply is insufficient. For pumps using grease lubricating packing, oil should be refilled regularly 1-2 times a day to ensure that the  heavy slurry pump is in a good lubrication state.

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