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Selection Of Sewage Pump

The sewage pump supplier shares with you: In a professional definition, a pump is a power device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy and kinetic energy of the fluid, thereby achieving the directional transport of the fluid. When in use, they are often named according to their uses, such as submersible sewage pumps, sludge pumps, metering pumps, etc. The working principles are different. According to the working principle, it can be classified as follows:

1.Vane pump

Vane pumps include centrifugal pumps (single stage, multi-stage), axial flow pumps, mixed flow pumps, vortex pumps, etc.

Centrifugal pump-The fluid is rotated together with a rotating impeller, and the pressure energy and kinetic energy of the fluid are increased by the effect of centrifugal force. The submersible motor is directly connected to the pump impeller, and the hydraulic components are composed of the pump casing and the impeller. The water outlet of the pump casing is radial, and the centerline of the water outlet is in the same plane as the centerline of the motor. In order to ensure a stable flow without excessive swirl, the hydraulic components are designed and manufactured without sharp edges. The piping flange of the pump water is in accordance with ISO standards, and the nominal pressure is 1MPa.

Axial Flow Pump-Uses the lift generated by the airfoil blades on the impeller to rotate the fluid to increase the energy of the fluid. The axial flow pump is divided into a vertical axial flow pump and a horizontal axial flow pump. The submersible motor is directly connected to the pump impeller directly. The hydraulic components are composed of the pump casing, guide vanes, impeller and wear ring. The water outlet of the pump casing is an axial water outlet. In order to ensure a stable flow and no vortex and bottom vortex in the vertical DC tube, the hydraulic components are designed and manufactured without sharp edges. In order to ensure the uniform flow pattern at the suction port of the pump, anti-swirl facilities are installed at the bottom of the wellbore to prevent the occurrence of vortex and water flow.

Horizontal Axial Flow Pump-It should be a complete set of equipment, and all installation accessories such as pipe connection pipes, shutter doors, guide rods, slings (chains), lifting brackets and hoists, diving cables, junction boxes (IP65), and monitoring devices are required. And stainless steel fasteners.

The horizontal axial flow pump adopts the guide rod automatically combined with the fixed position. The sliding rod bracket is one of the integral parts of the water pump. The entire weight of the water pump and the thrust generated during pumping all act on the flange of the outlet pipe. The horizontal axial flow pump can be easily moved up and down, and inspection or maintenance personnel do not need to enter the bottom of the pool.

2. Positive displacement pump

Positive displacement pumps include reciprocating pumps (piston, plunger, diaphragm), rotary pumps (gear, screw, slide, etc.)

Reciprocating pumps-use periodic changes in the working volume to transfer fluid and increase its pressure, including piston, plunger and diaphragm types.

Rotary Pump-Use a pair or several special-shaped rotating bodies, such as gears, screws or other shapes of rotors, to make a rotating movement in the housing to convey fluid and increase its pressure.

Self-priming Rotary Pump-It should be suitable for mixed sludge of primary sedimentation and secondary sedimentation (solid content of 3% ~ 7%), surface dross, settling sand, etc. The sludge contains fine sand with a particle size of less than 0.15mm about 10 %, There is no sludge cutting device in the system, which allows the maximum passage of 60mm incompressible foreign matter, has the characteristics of non-clogging, abrasion resistance, etc. It is suitable for conveying high-sand sludge.

3.Other types of pumps

Vane pumps and positive displacement pumps basically include all common pump types, there are some other types of pumps, such as:

Water ring vacuum pump-Water ring vacuum pump injects a certain amount of water as a working liquid before starting, and the closed water ring is formed by the rotation of the star impeller, and the space between the impeller and the water ring periodically expands and decreases, forming negative pressure , Inhale the gas and exhaust, to achieve the purpose of vacuuming.

Jet pump-Uses the suction effect of high-speed jets to suck and transport liquid, which can play the role of vacuum.

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