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Repairs of slurry pump

slurry pump





Will not pump the liquid

Leak at the suction pipe or packing

Block the leak

Wrong rotation direction

Change the rotation direction

Impeller is broken

Replace with new impeller

Suction pipe is blocked

Remove the block

Shaft Power is too high

Packing gland is too tight and packing heats

Loosen the packing gland bolts

Friction inside the pump

Adjust the clearance

Bearings are damaged

Replace the bearings

Transmission V-belt is too tight

Adjust the V-belt

Too large flow quantity

Adjust the pump running conditions

High rotation speed, large proportion

Adjust the rotation and proportion

Misalignment or nonparallel motor shaft and pump

Adjust the motor shaft and pump shaft

Overheating bearings

Excessive or too little of bearing lubricating oil

Oil quantity should be as per requirements

Impurities contained in the lubricating oil

Replace with new lubricating oil

Bearings are damaged

Replace with new bearing

Service life of bearings is short

Misalignment or nonparallel of motor shaft and pump shaft

Adjust the motor shaft and pump shaft

Shaft is bent

Replace with new shaft

Friction inside the pump or the imbalance of impeller

Decrease the friction and replace with new impeller

Foreign matter inside the bearings

Clean the bearings

Misassembly of bearings

Replace the bearings or reassemble the bearing

Serious leakage at the packing seals

Serious abrasion of packing

Replace with new packing

Serious abrasion of shaft sleeve

Replace with new shaft sleeve

Seal water is not clean

Replace with clean seal water

Abnormal noise and excessive vibration of pump

Bearings are damaged

Change with new bearing

Impeller is not in balance

Change with new impeller and balance it

Air enters into suction pipe, block

Remove the air and block

Uneven flow, pump empty

Improve the feeding condition

Bad foundation

Strengthen the foundation or replace.

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