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What Accessories does the Slurry Pump Have?

Slurry pump is widely used in power plant, chemical industry, mining, petroleum and other fields, and is one of the essential equipment in production. When selecting a slurry pump, you should comprehensively consider the data such as equipment data, pipeline conditions, and slurry characteristics. So do you know about slurry pump accessories? Let's take a look with slurry pump manufacturer.


The impeller is the main flow part of the slurry pump, and its main function is to transfer the energy of the prime mover to the liquid. The slurry pump impeller is generally composed of three parts: the hub, the blade and the cover plate. It can be made of different materials, such as cast iron, stainless steel, etc. Now the impellers made of high chromium alloy materials are processed through various processes such as heat treatment and machining. The wear resistance of the impeller is improved, and the service life of the impeller is extended.

2.Mechanical seal

Slurry pump mechanical seal is suitable for severe working conditions containing solid particles and high content. It is mainly used in alumina plants, flue gas desulfurization systems, power plant ash removal systems and other industries. The mechanical seal adopts the cartridge type, which is easy to install and the size is not affected. Effect of axial adjustment.

3.Pump body and volute

Slurry pump body adopts double-layer pump casing (double-layer metal structure inside and outside). The structure of the double pump casing is vertical and open. The position of the water outlet can be installed at 45 different positions and rotated at different positions. The pump body is also the most sturdy and durable high chromium alloy material, with a longer service life.

4. Auxiliary impeller

In addition to the shaft sealing function, the auxiliary impeller also plays a role in balancing the axial direction. The slurry enters the auxiliary impeller chamber through the gap between the pump casing and the main impeller. The auxiliary impeller generates a pressure head in the opposite direction during rotation. Prevent the leakage of pulp in the main impeller cavity.

Material of slurry pump accessories:

1.The stainless steel material is characterized by cheap price, suitable for working conditions that do not require high pump quality, lower cost investment, and high cost performance.

2. The natural rubber material is characterized by strong corrosion resistance. If the slurry to be conveyed is corrosive, the use of stainless steel slurry pump will seriously shorten the service life of the slurry pump, so it is necessary to choose pure natural rubber at this time. Lined.

3. The high chromium alloy material is more resistant to wear. If the infusion slurry contains stones, sharp and sharp hard particles, etc., a high chromium alloy slurry pump is the most suitable. High chromium alloy material Has a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

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