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Sewage Treatment in the Industrial Revolution - The Use of Sewage Pumps

industrial revolution

Entering the twenty-first century, the fourth industrial revolution is emerging, in the internationalization of the development trend is becoming more and more obvious, "ecological environment" is a serious problem in modern society, the pollution of mountains, rivers, plants, and trees will lead to an increased burden on the earth, environmental degradation, all the major navigable rivers in the world is also the coast of these rivers The main sewers of cities. Effective sewage treatment is one of the greatest public health advances of all time, and sump pumps are a product of interest in the process of improving the "ecological environment" problem.

What is a sewage pump?

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Sewage pump belongs to a kind of centrifugal impurity pump, with a variety of forms: such as submersible and dry type two, the most commonly used submersible type QW submersible sewage pump, the most common dry sewage pump such as W type horizontal sewage pump and WL type vertical sewage pump two. Mainly used for conveying urban sewage, manure, or liquid containing fibers. Paper and other solid particles of the medium, usually the temperature of the conveyed medium is not greater than 80 ℃. Because the medium to be transported contains fibers that are easy to wind or bunch. Therefore, this kind of pump flow channel is easy to block, once the pump is blocked will make the pump can not to work properly, and even burn the motor, thus causing poor sewage. It brings a serious impact to city life and environmental protection. Therefore, the resistance to blockage and reliability is an important factor in the advantages and disadvantages of sewage pumps.

Multistage Submersible Water Pump

Sewage pump classification

Sewage pump can be divided into submerged sewage pump, pipe sewage pump, submersible sewage pump, vertical sewage pump, corrosion-resistant sewage pump, acid-resistant sewage pump, self-priming sewage pump.
Sewage pump models are PW-type sewage pumps and PWL type sewage pumps.
PW-type sewage pump uses a pressure chamber most commonly known as a snail shell, and the diameter guide vane or runner guide vane is mostly used in inline submersible pumps.
PWL type sewage pump impeller, pressure chamber, is the two core components of the sewage pump. Its performance is superior or inferior, also on behalf of the pump performance of the superior or inferior.
With the progress of society, the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the strengthening of environmental awareness, sewage pumps have been familiar with people, the scope of application has become more and more extensive.

Characteristics of sewage pump

1. Adopting advanced technology, it has strong sewage discharge capacity, is non-clogging, and can effectively pass solid particles of diameter φ30-φ80mm.
2. The tearing mechanism can tear the fiber material, cut it off, and then discharge it smoothly without adding a strainer to the pump.
3. Reasonable design, small power of supporting motor, and remarkable energy-saving effect.
4. With the latest material mechanical seal, can make the pump safe continuous operation in more than 8000 hours.
5. Compact structure, easy to move, simple installation, can reduce the cost of construction, no need to build a pump room.
6. Can be used in the full range of the head while ensuring that the motor will not be overloaded.
7. Float ball day and can automatically control the pump start and stop according to the required water level change, no need for special supervision.
8. Double guide rail automatic installation system, it brings great convenience to the installation and maintenance, people can not have to go in and out of the sump for this.

9. Equipped with an automatic protection control box to effectively protect the product leakage, water leakage and overload, etc., to improve the safety and reliability of the product.

KWP Non Clogging Sewage Pump

Advantages of sewage pump

(1) Compact structure, small footprint. The pump can be installed directly in the cesspool because it is submerged under the liquid, so there is no need to build a special pump room to install the pump and motor, saving a lot of land and infrastructure costs.
(2) Easy to install and maintain. Small submersible sewage pumps can be placed freely, and large sewage pumps are generally equipped with automatic coupling devices for automatic installation, which is quite convenient for installation and maintenance.
(3) Long continuous running time. Submersible sewage pump because of the pump and motor coaxial, short shaft, the lightweight of rotating parts, so the load on the bearing (radial) is relatively small, life than the general pump too much longer.
(4) Small vibration and noise, the low-temperature rise of the motor, no pollution to the environment.

How to choose a suitable and good sewage pump

1. The flow rate of the sewage pump flow rate as the name implies is the size of a sewage pump discharge. We must choose the size of the displacement in line with their needs when choosing the displacement. If the need to buy a sewage pump is the outdoor cesspool, then certainly choose a larger displacement, if the demand is their own home toilet balcony, then you do not need too large a displacement. Choose the right sewage pump for your needs.
2. The material of the sewage pump
General household sewage pump material is generally used stainless steel, better quality will generally use 304 stainless steel, if it is used in industry, it will use more robust corrosion-resistant waterproof material.
3. The head of the sewage pump head means the maximum height of the sewage pump will pump the sewage from the water surface. It is worth noting that we do not blindly choose the maximum head is the best, we follow the economic analysis, in the choice of the sewage pump head, choose higher than their own needs 3-5 head is good, does not need too large.
4. The overflow diameter of the sewage pump overflow diameter is the largest diameter of particles that can be passed through the sewage pump, general sewage often contains debris, such as gravel and sand, and other items. If there is no special need generally speaking 10mm overflow diameter is enough, if there are special needs, you need to pay attention to the selection of a larger overflow diameter of the sewage pump.
5. The power of the sewage pump when we choose the sewage pump, you also need to look at the size of the power of the sewage pump, because the size of the sewage pump determines the efficiency of the sewage pump, the power of the sewage pump affects the speed of pumping, the flow of the sewage pump and the head of the sewage pump.
6. According to the use of different occasions reasonable selection of sewage pumps. For all types of sewage pump selection principles are as follows:
1) For sewage with high cleanliness and physical and chemical properties similar to clear water, such as cleaning wastewater, oily wastewater, etc., it is recommended to use clear water pumps for conveying;
2) For sewage containing a large number of impurities (such as large solid particles, various fibers), such as domestic sewage, textile industry wastewater, paper industry wastewater, etc., must choose the sewage pump to work.
3) For corrosive or high-temperature sewage, special materials must be selected for corrosion-resistant pumps, such as plastic, stainless steel and other materials manufactured pumps, otherwise, the pump body is easy to be corroded, so that the operation of the entire system is affected.
7. According to the use of different power to choose single-phase or three-phase sewage pump.
8. According to the use of the requirements of whether the need to drain the liquid, and decide to choose the upper pump type or lower pump type.
9. According to the price of the sewage pump, quality conditions, operating costs and installation, maintenance and other factors to consider the selection of appropriate pump.
10. From the premise of saving energy and meeting the use requirements, the choice of higher efficiency sewage pump, the parameters of the selected sewage pump in the rated flow 0.7-1.2 times the range of operation.
11. Check whether the sewage pump has a reliable grounding device and safety protection devices, so as not to affect the safe use of sewage pumps.
12. Choose to pay attention to check the appearance of the pump, check the sewage pump body, pump cover for damage, whether the cable is broken, the surface of the pump for corrosion agent bolts are loose, there are no leakage, water leakage traces, there should also be megohm table to measure the cold insulation resistance, the installation standards specify the cold insulation resistance of 50 megohms or more.

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Sewage pump maintenance

(1) Check the sewage pump pipeline and the combination of the phenomenon of looseness. Turn the sewage pump by hand and try to see if the sewage pump is flexible.
(2) Add bearing lubrication oil to the bearing body, observe the oil level should be at the centerline of the oil mark, the lubricant should be replaced or replenished in time.
(3) Unscrew the sewage pump body of the water diversion screw plug, fill the water (or slurry). Self-priming sewage pump
(4) Close the gate valve of the outlet pipe and export pressure gauge and import vacuum gauge.
(5) Start the motor and try to see if the motor steering is correct.
(6) Start the motor, and when the sewage pump is running normally, open the outlet pressure gauge and the inlet vacuum pump and gradually open the gate valve after it shows the proper pressure, and check the motor load at the same time.
(7) Try to control the flow and head of the sewage pump in the range indicated on the label to ensure that the sewage pump is in the highest efficiency point of operation, in order to obtain the maximum energy-saving effect.
(8) Sewage pump in operation, the bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature of 35 ℃, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃.
(9) If the sewage pump is found to have abnormal sound should immediately stop to check the cause.
(10) Sewage pump to stop using, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.
(11) In the open pump sewage pump in the first month of work, after 100 hours to replace the lubricant, after every 500 hours, change the oil once.
(12) Often adjust the packing gland to ensure that the drip inside the packing chamber is normal (to become a drop leak out as appropriate).
(13) Regularly check the wear of the sleeve, wear larger should be replaced in a timely manner.
(14) Sewage pump in the winter season, after parking, the pump body needs to unscrew the lower water release screw to release the media net. Prevent freezing and cracking.
(15) Sewage pump for a long time out of use, the pump needs to be completely disassembled, dry water, the rotating parts and combined with grease installed.

Tips: Precautions When Using Sewage Pump

With the rapid development of China's industry, water consumption is increasing, the sewage discharged from industrial production is increasing day by day, and the sewage treatment facilities are also increasing accordingly. In various fields of water and sewage treatment, pumps are inseparable, and these pumps are necessary supplies for sewage treatment enterprises.

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