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Precautions when using Sewage Pump

Sewage pump is like a specialized sewage treatment equipment, in fact, is not so, its real use is used to treat liquid impurities more special products, so the ability to prevent clogging must stand the test, so sewage pump in the process of use need to pay attention to what?

KWP non clogging sewage pump

Generally speaking, sewage pump and the transfer of sewage volume and sewage composition, sewage pump structure should not be esy to plug the place, strong and durable and reliable work, but also pay attention to the lowest flow rate of the pressure pipeline.

The solid matter in sewage in the pipeline is easy to deposit and lump, especially in the vertical transport process, easy to cause the solid matter is not easy to be extracted from the pump pit, or the control valve because of fouling deposition and stuck.

Therefore, in order to ensure the reliability of the equipment, it is necessary to ensure a certain minimum self-cleaning flow rate.

The flow rate of many small effluent pumps is not determined by the real transmission flow rate, but by the self-cleaning flow rate of sewage pumps.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the number of switches of sewage pump, sewage pump switch starting times should be consistent with the motor performance in order to facilitate maintenance, sewage pump installation position should be very open, so that dry or wet equipment can operate normally.

In principle, a decision must be made between the dry installation and the wet installation: the pump for the dry installation may be installed either vertically or horizontally.

The advantages of dry installation are that it is easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to maintain, but the pump room needs to be built and the budget needs to be set up.

As an economical alternative, traditional submersible pumps have entered the field of wastewater purification technology, while the biggest advantage of wet-mounted sewage pumps is that sewage pumps are installed below the water surface without the need to build a pump room.

Therefore, in order to choose a good sewage pump, it is necessary to understand the "real amount of sewage to be transported", "the real composition of sewage" and "pump installation site" and other conditions, but for the increasingly complex sewage treatment process, these conditions are far from enough. Because of the high operating cost of sewage pump, the performance matching water pump products become the focus of people's attention.

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