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Warman Slurry Pump Detailed Material List

Warman Slurry Pump Detailed Material List


Ni hard 1-martensitic white iron

Alloy A03 is a kind of martensitic white iron, which can provide reasonable properties under mild corrosive working conditions and work at low impact level. Heat treatment is usually used to reduce the amount of retained austenite in the matrix. The alloy is sensitive to chip thickness and the composition needs to be adjusted to prevent the formation of unwanted phases.


Ultrachrome - 24% Cr corrosion resistant white iron

Alloy A04 is white iron with a hardness of 375 Bhn in the annealed state. This low hardness makes A04 easier to machine than alloy A05. The alloy can then be hardened to increase wear resistance. A04 is not as corrosion resistant as A05 and A12, and is generally not.


Ultrachrome - 27% Cr corrosion resistant white iron

Alloy A05 is a kind of wear-resistant white iron with excellent properties under corrosive conditions. The alloy can be effectively used in various slurry types. The high wear resistance of alloy A05 is provided by hard carbides in its microstructure. Alloy A05 is particularly suitable for applications requiring corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

Slurry pump


Ni hard 4 martensitic white iron

Martensitic wear resistant alloy


15 / 3 Cr / Mo Fe Cr / Mo

Martensitic white iron has slow corrosion resistance


Hyperchrome - 30% Cr hypereutectic chromium white iron

Hyperchrome alloy is a hypereutectic white iron, suitable for high wear resistance, corrosion is not considered a problem. It should be used in applications where A05 and A03 do not provide sufficient wear life. Alloy A12 can be used in mild alkaline slurries. The pH is between 8 and 14. In some severe applications, alloys may provide up to three times the wear life of A05 and A03 parts.


Ni Cr Mo steel cast steel

Alloy a25 is an alloy steel with moderate wear resistance and high mechanical properties. The alloy is used in large castings with the most important toughness.


Ultrachrome - 28% chromium, low carbon, high chromium, low carbon white iron

Alloy A49 is a kind of corrosion-resistant white iron, which is suitable for low pH corrosion. Corrosive wear is also a problem. The alloy is particularly suitable for flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and other corrosive applications, where the pH value is below 4. The alloy can also be used in other mild acidic environments. A49 has corrosion resistance similar to Ni hard 1.


Ultrachrome - 36% Cr, erosion / corrosion white iron, low C Ultrachrome

A51 is a high-quality corrosion / corrosion alloy, which can be used in situations requiring excellent corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. Compared with alloy A49, the corrosion resistance of the alloy is greatly improved, and the corrosion resistance is similar to that of Ni cemented carbide iron. The alloy is suitable for phosphoric acid load, FGD load, sulfuric acid and other moderately corrosive applications.


Nickel resist (without copper) corrosion resistant cast iron


13% chromium steel martensitic stainless steel


Type 316 stainless steel - Austenitic Stainless Steel


Alloy 20 - Austenitic Stainless Steel


26cr5ni stainless steel (CD-4MCu) - duplex stainless steel


'825' alloy - Austenitic corrosion resistant alloy


27cr 31 Ni stainless steel austenitic stainless steel


Type 440C stainless steel - hardened stainless steel


Ferrarium 255 - Duplex Austenitic / Ferritic Stainless Steel


Ductile iron (SG iron) - cast iron

Alloy D21 is a kind of ductile gray cast iron, which requires higher physical properties and impact resistance than G01.


Cast iron - cast iron

Standard grey iron


63ni30cu alloy - corrosion resistant alloy

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