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The Matters Needing Attention When Sump Pump Is Running

1.The matters needing attention when sump pump (sump slurry pump)is running

It should be taken care to observe each instrument and check flow velocity, flow rate and current of the pump in operation. If the flow rate, power and discharge pressure decreases at work or there is no water, it is possible that large particle clogs the strainer, suction or impeller passage. When the rough particles collected mostly in discharge pipe, the pump is also clogged and can not work normally. So it must be noted that the clogged material should be cleared up in time. If the pump is not installed stably, the vibration of the pump would be caused.

2.How to stop the sump pump (sump slurry pump)?


Before stopping, the pump should deliver clean water for a while to clear up the slurry settled in the pump and pipeline if possible. Close the valves after stopping the pump.

3.Adjusting the Pretension of V-Belt of the sump pump (sump slurry pump)

We only introduce our recommendation adjustment method as follows for reference.

1)Firstly calculate pretension Q.

Q=[510(2.5-C1) p: C2]/ (C1*Z*V) +mv2 (Newton)

2)E value can be looked up from the curve based on pretension and V-belt type.

3)Found f value through formula f= (e.L’)/100

4)R value related with the type of V-belt can be looked up. According to the method and the centerline distance adjusting between two pulleys, the required pretension will be reached.


Q: Minimum pretension of suspended distance of each V-belt at static (Newton).

f: Total pressed amount in suspended distance.

C1: Angle coefficient (about 0.9).

C2: Working coefficient (about 1.4).

L’: Centerline distance of pulley.

P: Motor rated power (kW).

Z: Piece number of V-Belt.

V: Linear velocity (m/s).

m: Centrifugal force coefficient (seen in Table 2).

e: pressed amount e(mm) in 100mm length of suspended distance (seen in

Adjustment of V-belts  of sump pump (sump slurry pump)pretension to the end pretension had better to obtain min pretension at max load.

After the adjustment, recheck if the impeller can rotate normally. If possible, start the pump with the clear water and start the motor to check the discharge pressure and the flow capacity.

4.Adjusting and Replacing the Impeller of sump slurry pump /sump pump (sump slurry pump)

There is no strict provision for the adjustment of impeller, but the wet parts should be replaced when the performance and efficiency of the pump is so seriously decreased due to the worn of impeller and pump casing, which can not be satisfied with operation.

When the bearings are assembled, some grease has been put in. The grease may be put in period from two nipples in bearing body at work. Excessive grease may cause bearing heating. The lubricating period and volume varies ad duty. The experience must be integrated gradually at work and the grease must be kept clean to prevent dirty from entering grease. For bearing grease we suggest to use Li-base lubrication ZL-2(Q/SY1002-65).

When the standby pump is at rest for a long time, it is suggested that 1/4 turn should be rotated by hand every week to ensure even load on the rolling bearing.

5.Possible Faults and Settlement of sump pump (sump slurry pump)




Pump fails to discharge any liquid

Incorrect direction of pump rotation and impeller worn.

Suction pipe blocked.

Check direction off rotation and replace a new impeller.

Remove the block.

Shaft power consumption is excessive

Friction is produced inside of pump.

Bearing is worn.

Drive belt tension too tight.

Flowrate too large

Pump speed and ratio too high

Misalignment or unparallel of drive shaft and pump shaft.

Remove the friction.

Replace the bearing.

Adjust belt.

Modify the pump duty and speed.

Adjust drive and pump shaft.

Adjust the motor shaft and pump shaft.

Shaft sticking

The flushing pressure and quantity of guide bearing seal water do not conform to requirements or the seal water is not added.

Link the seal water of guide bearing seal water, and adjust the pressure and quantity according to the requirements.

Bearing is overheat

Lubricants too much or less.

Containing impurities in the lubricant.

Bearing worn.

Lubricating as requirements.

Replace clean lubricant.

Replace new bearing.

Bearing has short life

Misalignment or unparallel of drive and pump motor.

Shaft bent.

Impeller unbalanced due to wear.

Foreign object entered into the bearing or insufficient lubrication.

Incorrect procedure followed in fitting bearings.

Adjusting drive and pump shaft.

Replacing shaft.

Remove rubbing and replace new impeller.

Clean the bearing.

Replace or refit the bearing.

Pump vibrates or is noisy

Bearing worn.

Impeller unbalanced.

Flowerate is non-uniform and pump not primed.

Replace by new bearings.

Replaced by new impeller.

Improve on the pump feeding.

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