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What Problems Can Be Caused By Improper Use Of Slurry Pumps?

What Problems Can Be Caused By Improper Use Of Slurry Pumps?

At present, 80% of slurry pumps are widely used in concentrators to transport ore slurry. Whether the flow rate and speed of the slurry pump are reasonable or not directly affects the life of the slag. Choosing appropriate working parameters can not only give full play to the performance of the slurry pump, but also increase the service life. If the selection is not appropriate, the slurry pump will not work normally, and may even cause the plant to stop production. In order to give full play to the performance of the slurry pump, it is necessary to fully understand the relationship between the slurry flow, speed, etc. and the life of the slurry pump in actual work.

Due to the flow of the slurry in the slurry pump, the slurry will impact and wear the lining of the pump body. Obviously, for the same slurry flow rate, the slower the slurry flow rate, the lighter the wear of the pump body and the longer the service life of the slurry pump. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the efficiency of the slurry pump, the design flow rate should be as small as possible. Furthermore, the lower the pump speed, the lower the relative speed of the impeller and the slurry, and the slower the wear rate of the impeller. In addition, under the same flow rate, the larger the diameter of the impeller, the lower the speed, the fewer ore particles per unit area, and the less wear of the impeller. Therefore, the correct choice should be a low-speed large pump, which can prolong its service life and reduce costs due to its light wear. In addition to flow and speed, the head also has a certain impact on the life of the pump. The actual head of the pump should be controlled within the acceptable range, otherwise the head will be too high, which will cause the pump flow to be too large. On the one hand, the pumping phenomenon will cause pump damage. On the other hand, excessive flow will increase wear and reduce service life.

Slurry pump is a commonly used equipment in the beneficiation process, mainly used for slurry transportation. The improper use of the slurry pump is likely to affect the normal operation of the slurry pump and affect its production capacity.

What problems are easily caused by improper use of the slurry pump, and how to solve it to make the slurry pump operate normally?

1. The long-term use of the slurry pump causes the surface of the cooler tube to become fouled, resulting in poor heat transfer; the amount of cooling water is small or no cooling water is added. Therefore, always check whether the bearing cooling water pressure and flow are appropriate. Generally, the slurry pump cooling water pressure is 0.05~0.2MPa, and the cooling water flow is 1~3m3/h. Replace the scaled cooler in time, and turn on the cooling before the pump starts. The water adjusts the pressure to the specified value, and regularly checks the bearing temperature rise (35°C), and the high temperature should not exceed 75°C.

2. During the use of the slurry pump, the seal fails due to the wear of the packing, the slurry leaks along the shaft seal, and the slurry instantly fills the curved surface of the semicircular positioning hole connecting the bracket and the rear pump casing, and the slurry discharged from the discharge port cannot pass through the stopper. The seal at the water pan penetrates into the oil sump, causing bearing damage. In daily maintenance, attention should be paid to regularly detecting the leakage of the shaft seal water. When the leakage increases, the bolts of the packing gland should be adjusted, and the packing and the failed O-ring seal should be replaced in time to prevent the leaking slurry from sealing along the shaft from the water retaining plate.

3. The lubricating oil is not clean, causing problems such as bearing friction, wear, heating, vibration, etc. The friction and wear can be reduced by lubricating each part of the bearing. The quality of the lubricating oil should be checked regularly to get into the dust or oil aging and deterioration. The amount of lubricating oil should be adjusted in strict accordance with the pump instruction manual. It should not be too much or too little. If there is too much oil, it will not take away most of the friction heat inside the bearing, which will not provide effective heat dissipation and increase the bearing temperature; If there is little oil, it will cause the bearing oil film to rupture and dry friction and burn the bearing.

These small problems with slurry pumps will have a big impact over time. The slurry pump supplier reminds us that we should check in time and repair in time to ensure the normal use of the slurry pump.

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