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Causes Of Common Failures About Mud Pumps And Treatment Methods

Mud Pump is the key equipment in drilling operation. If mud is compared to blood in drilling operation, then mud pump is the heart of blood supply in drilling production. Therefore, its importance in drilling production is self-evident.

Sludge Pump is a machine that transports flushing fluid such as mud or water to the borehole during drilling and is an important part of drilling equipment. Its main function is to inject the mud into the well with the drill bit during the drilling process, cooling the drill bit, cleaning the drill tool, stabilizing the well wall, driving drilling, and bringing the cuttings back to the ground after drilling. In normal cyclic drilling, the mud pump transfers the surface flushing medium-clean water, mud or polymer flushing fluid under a certain pressure, through high-pressure hoses, faucets and the center hole of the drill string to directly send it to the bottom of the drill bit. The purpose of cooling the drill bit, removing the cutting debris and transporting it to the surface.slurry pump

According to the use of mud pumps, valve box leakage and bearing burnout are frequent faults that affect the normal use of mud pumps. Therefore, careful study of the causes of the above problems plays a key role in prolonging the service life of mud pumps.

1.The factors causing the puncture of the mud pump valve box and preventive measures

The valve box of the drilling mud pump is an important component of the hydraulic end of the mud pump. Because the working condition of the mud pump valve box is high pressure, high sprint, high abrasiveness and other harsh working environments, during the maintenance and repair of the mud pump, The valve box is a vulnerable part that needs to be replaced frequently.

Reasons for valve box leakage

The main reasons for valve box leakage are: long-term high-pressure use, fatigue of the valve box material, when penetrating cracks occur, the current conditions cannot be repaired. Because the drilling pump valve has very bad working conditions, the valve disc and valve seat of the discharge and suction valve have an impact in each stroke. The higher the pump speed, the greater the impact and scouring wear. Because of this, the working stroke of the drilling pump is not very high. Even so, the working life of the drilling pump valve is still very short. It is one of the weakest links in the drilling pump. The valve disc and valve seat need to be replaced frequently during work.

Ways to extend the service life of valve boxes

According to the valve box used and repaired, most of the leakage occurs at the contact surface of the valve seat and the valve box. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the valve seat regularly. At the same time, check the inner and outer walls of the valve box, install and replace the valve disc and valve seat. The valve seat must be cleaned to ensure that the valve box and the fitting surface of the valve seat are clean and free of dirt. There must be no anti-rust oil on the valve seat, nor any oil stains. Replace the valve disc and valve through correct installation. Seat and careful inspection of the valve box can reduce the fatigue limit of the valve box, thereby prolonging the service life of the valve box.

2.The factors and preventive measures that caused the mud pump bearing to burn out

Drilling mud pump bearing is an important component to ensure the normal operation of mud pump. It is one of the main accessories to ensure the power output of mud pump. Although the parts are small, they have a great effect. Therefore, the research on mud pump bearings is also to ensure the reasonable use of mud pumps. One of the topics.

Reasons for bearing burnout

Through the analysis of the use of the drilling team, the main reasons for bearing burnout are: 1. The oil path is not smooth. 2. The oil level is not enough. 3. The bearing itself has quality defects.

Ways to extend bearing life

1. The operating environment of the mud pump is harsh, and the seal inside the pump is not good, which will cause the mud to enter. Therefore, the oil circuit must be cleaned and cleaned regularly to ensure that the oil path is unblocked. ; Ensure that the oil circuit is closed and no air leaks

2. Check frequently: ensure that the oil level is between the upper and lower scales of the oil dipstick, no more or no less, too much will cause the bearing to heat up, and the lack of bearing lubrication effect will not be good; ensure that the bearing shell is intact so that the bearing is fully lubricated.

3. When hooking up the car, it must be stable and try to avoid violent hooking. Excessive impact will cause great damage to all parts of the pump.

4. Ensure the cleanliness of the oil.

5. The bearing itself has defects. There are currently no effective measures. The appearance defects can be observed with the naked eye and measured with the help of measuring tools, but the material problem of the bearing cannot be solved. The alloy ratio of the bearing rigidity, hardness, wear resistance, etc., will all affect The service life of the bearing.

Sludge Pump Suppliers note that prolonging the service life of mud pump bearings must start from the well team. Frequent cleaning, frequent inspections, and ensuring the cleanliness of the lubricant can all ensure the service life of the mud pump bearings.

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