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Impeller Characteristics of Non-clogging Sewage Pump

Series KWPis single stage, axial suction and cantilever non-clogging centrifugal pump. There are four types of impellers for selection, as shown in the following (Figure 1). This manual should be read before installation. Your centrifugal pump will give you trouble-free and satisfactory service on condition that the installation was done with due care and properly maintained, These operating instructions do not take into account any safety instructions which may apply to the installation site. The site manager or operators should be responsible for notifying our erection staff of any such regulations and being sure to comply with them.

Pump type, size ,and main operating datum as well as pump serial number are all stamped on the nameplate. Please be sure to quote the name plate information with respect to questions, repeat orders, and more details, particularly

when ordering spare parts.

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