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Application Field of Slurry Pump

Slurry pump is a centrifugal pump with suspended particle slurry. Mainly used in mineral processing, power plants, coal washing, metallurgy, building materials and other industries that need to transport slurry. For example, slurry transportation in metallurgical concentrator, ash and slag treatment in thermal power plant, slurry transportation in coal washery, etc., the following is a brief introduction of slurry pump's specific application.

Which fields are slurry pumps suitable for?

I. Concentrators

About 80% of slurry pumps are used in concentrators in the mining industry. Slurry pump conveys various concentrations of ore slurry in the whole process, so it is required that the slurry pump has the properties of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, non-blocking, easy repair and replacement of shaft seal parts. In the stage of primary ore dressing, the working condition is worse. Even though the slurry pump is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, its service life is generally lower. In the concentrate transportation stage, because the ore has undergone gravel, grinding and other processes, the abrasion resistance decreases, then the overall service life of the slurry pump is longer.
Therefore, the selection of slurry pump in concentrator should be based on the stage conditions. For the service life of slurry pump, the main point is the service life of the over-flow components (sheath, impeller, front guard plate, rear guard plate). In the selection stage, the reasonable type selection design must be carried out according to the working conditions, and the over-flow components of different materials should be selected according to the working conditions.

2. Coal Washing Plant

Slurry pump as an important auxiliary equipment of coal preparation plant, its operation directly affects the normal operation of the production system. Coal washing is a process of removing impurities from raw coal or separating high-quality coal from low-quality coal. In coal washery, bigger coal or gangue is easy to block the pipeline, so the design requirements of slurry pump are very high. The most used slurry pump in coal preparation plant is ZJ slurry pump and AH series slurry pump.

3. Seawater Sand Separation

In the field of seawater sand separation, slurry pumps are used in dredger dredging, sand dredging, dredging river and other projects. At this time, the pumps used are called gravel pumps and slurry pumps. Although the names are different, they can be generally called slurry pumps in terms of structural characteristics and pump performance principle. Gravel pumps are used for continuous transportation of abrasive materials which are too large to be conveyed by slurry pumps.

Slurry pump is widely used, but correct application is very important. Slurry pumps are misunderstood by some non-professionals because of their own limitations. In fact, slurry pumps, gravel pumps, sewage pumps, desulfurization pumps, etc. are all used in the field of slurry pumps. In the application process of slurry pump, we must pay attention to reasonable design, correct calculation and appropriate selection, which are very important.

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