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How to start the pump?


Check the whole pump unit by the following procedures before start up:

(1): The pump should be installed on a solid base to bear the whole pump weight in order to absorb vibrations. Fasten all foundation bolts.

(2): Pipes and valves should be separately supported. There is seal pad at the pump flange. Note that the pump metal liner may be higher than the flange surface when fastening the bolts, and bolts should not be over-tightened in order to avoid damaging the seal pad.

(3): Rotate the pump shaft in accordance with the pump rotation direction, the shaft should drive the impeller without friction; if not, the impeller clearance should be adjusted.

(4): Check the motor rotation direction to make sure that it can drive the pump rotation toward the arrow. Reverse rotation may cause the impeller screw to be stripped and damage the pump and therefore forbidden.

(5): For direct-coupled drive, the pump shaft and motor shaft should be aligned. For V-belt

transmission, pump shaft and motor shaft shall be in paralle in order to adjust the pulley position


to make it vertical to the V-belt. For the pulley unit of SPA Type and {SPB } Type, SPB Type and


{SPC } Type, the adjustment of the pulley should reach the requirements of α1=α2 in Figure 10.

(6): A short removable pipe should be fitted at the suction of the pump, and its length should be enough to disassemble the pump cover, replace the wearing parts, and inspect the pump. See the Outline Dimensional Drawing for the length of this short pipe.

(7): Check shaft seal: for pumps with expeller seal, when the oil cup is fitted with a release gland, the lubricating grease should be filled through the oil cup. Sodium-calcium-based grease is recommended.

For pumps with packing seal, first turn on the shaft sealing water system to check if the water quantity and pressure is proper before the startup of the pump. Then adjust the packing gland set screw to regulate compression on the packing, and adjust shaft seal water (check that the leak quantity at the packing gland is drop by drop); if too tight, the shaft sleeve will heat up easily and more power will be consumed; if too loose, the leak quantity will be very large. The shaft seal water  pressure  usually  is  set  higher  than  pump  discharge  pressure  by  3.5X10-2MPa(0.35kgf/cm2).

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