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Application of High Performance Wear Resistant Coating in Dredging Pump

Dredger pump is a serious wear and tear equipment in dredger, and it is not easy to repair. How to improve the wear resistance and repairability of dredger pump has been the focus of attention of all factories for a long time. Until the appearance of high-performance wear-resistant coating in viscose industry, this problem has become solved.

In order to improve the service life of dredging pumps, double-wall mud pumps are mainly used abroad. Their inner walls are made of wear-resistant materials with hardness of 40-60 hrc. In China, high tungsten cast iron, high soldering cast iron, 20cr5cu steel and machine with wire mesh lining blocks are mostly used for lining repair, such as combined lining mud pumps. In addition, there are also 20cr5cu mud pumps cast as a whole, but because the high hardness wear-resistant materials are difficult to machine and weld, it brings a series of technical problems to the maintenance of mud pumps. In this case, the R&D Department of good viscose industry has made many attempts and studies, and finally developed this high-performance wear-resistant coating. The work has been applied to many dredging pump manufacturers, and the response is quite good.

The operation and construction of the product is very simple, which greatly reduces the cost of technical maintenance, saves a lot of costs for the dredger pump enterprises and prolongs the service life.

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