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Causes and Solutions of Cavitation in Slurry Pump

1. Insufficient Pump Output Caused by Cavitation of Slurry Pump

Insufficient pump output refers to the head and flow are to achieve the pump should reach the target, there are two reasons for this phenomenon.

When designing the conveying system, the relationship between cavitation characteristics is not fully taken into account. If the critical cavitation flow rate is less than the required flow rate, cavitation will occur at the critical cavitation flow rate during the operation of slurry pump, resulting in a significant drop in the head of slurry pump, resulting in insufficient output.

The solution to this problem is to change the pipeline device system or replace the pump with better cavitation performance, so that the cavitation allowance of the pipeline device is larger than the necessary cavitation allowance of the pump at the required flow rate.

2. Cavitation of Slurry Pump Caused by Blockage of Inhalation Pipeline

Slurry pump suction pipeline blockage is very easy to cause pump cavitation, but also insufficient pump output.

Reasons: Large particulate matter or long fibre material blocked pipeline inlet, impeller inlet, filter screen inlet and pump inlet valve damage can not be fully opened.

Solution: Clear blockage and repair pump inlet valve

3. Cavitation Operation

Slurry pump operating in cavitation state will cause vibration and noise of the pump, and will also make the life of the pump greatly reduced.

Slurry pump can not even work when the cavitation is serious.

4. The reasons for the operation of common slurry pump in cavitation state are as follows:

A. Slurry pump operation under cavitation condition due to flow deviation

Solution: Reduce the head of slurry pump to match the pipe head at the required flow rate, and increase the pipe head to match the head of slurry pump at the required flow rate, but this will cause energy loss and affect the service life of valves and slurry pumps.

B. Cavitation operation of slurry pump caused by inlet and outlet valves of regulating pump

Because the head of slurry pump is higher than that of pipeline, in order to prevent the pump from running at a large flow rate, some units use the small pump inlet valve to regulate the flow rate.

This method greatly reduces the pipeline cavitation margin by increasing the resistance of the suction pipeline. When the pipeline cavitation margin is less than the necessary cavitation margin of the pump, the slurry pump will operate under the cavitation condition.

Solution: Open the inlet valve of the pump completely and use the outlet valve of the pump to adjust the operation flow, but the best way is to reduce the head of the pump to solve the problem.

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