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Maintenance of Slurry Pumps

Regular maintenance of slurry pumps extends wear life, helps avoid unplanned downtime, and reduces total operating costs for end users. In severe mineral processing operations, industrial slurry pumps are often operated to a critical point prior to maintenance. In the short term, this may seem beneficial, but in the long term, it will have a detrimental effect on your plants.

Regular monitoring of pump performance characteristics allows you to keep up to date with pump performance and have enough time to develop a maintenance plan to avoid failures and unexpected downtime.

From a preventive point of view, periodic inspections are needed during pump operation to ensure that the pump is running for a longer period of time. If abnormal sounds are detected, leaks are found, or temperature or vibration spikes are found, more comprehensive maintenance is required during the planned outage that precedes the failure.


Every running machine vibrates: Put your hand on your fridge at home and you will feel a slight vibration when the motor is running. For most machines, vibration is one of the early indicators of normal operation of the machine, so it is one of the important measures that need to be closely monitored.

The vibration speed index varies with the different pumps. When treating clean water, the maximum value of large pumps is usually greater than that of medium pumps. When we introduce a solid material into a fluid, the vibration will increase depending on the properties and operating parameters of the mixture. During routine inspections, we usually refer to historical data to understand the acceptable vibration range for a particular pump in a particular application.

Vibration monitoring is designed to periodically track trends to see if there is a significant change. Once the wear life of the centrifugal slurry pump has reached its limit, the vibration readings usually show an exponential growth curve and begin to increase gradually. But if our team finds a vibration spike before the end of its life, then we know something is wrong and we need to investigate further. Under normal conditions, peak vibration is caused by wear of the impeller or moving part, which can easily be replaced during planned downtime.

Bearing assembly

Bearing assembly is a key component in any rotating equipment.In general, the service life of bearing components depends on the process and operation. When selecting a bearing assembly according to its hydraulic performance, the service life of the bearing should be considered.Increased vibration and noise levels are a clear indication that there may be a problem with the bearing assembly.

One of the main causes of premature bearing failure is inadequate maintenance of seals, which can lead to leakage and spray mud and water directly onto the bearing assembly. This problem can be minimized by adjusting the seals periodically and using the correct method of continuous lubrication. Establish an automated system for automatic lubrication of bearings and sealing systems to reduce the possibility of mud entry and maximize the service life of bearing assemblies.

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