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  • Slurry Pump Parts
Slurry Pump Parts

Slurry Pump Parts

  • Product description:We can provide various slurry pump parts, rubber pump parts, centrifugal slurry pump parts such as slurry pump impeller. We have our own factory, so we can give you a cheap price as well as high quality!
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Introduction of Slurry Pump Parts

Slurry Pump Parts are pump parts that are directly connected to the slurry, and they are critical to the service life of the slurry pump. Slurry Pump Parts include impellers, bushings, throat sleeves, frame plate bushings, casings, etc. These parts are very susceptible to wear because they work under the long-term impact of high-speed abrasive and corrosive slurries. Slurry Pump Parts play an important role here for the long service life of pump parts.

Why Choose KATI

Rich experience, established in 2000, with more than 20 years of professional production experience in mud pumps, chemical pumps and Slurry Pump Parts.

Professional level, KATI currently employs 150 people, including 15 technical experts and engineers. We have a complete production and assembly system with more than 50 electric induction furnaces, intermediate frequency furnaces and more than 30 CNC and machining equipment. We have independent design product experts and advanced technical equipment.

Custom service available, custom pump parts and our own OEM pump parts.

One-stop service, in-house foundry, casting high chrome and white iron, machining department, heat treatment department, welding section, assembly department, hydraulic pump testing station and lab facilities with R&D.

Besides Slurry Pump Parts, we also have these products:

Rubber slurry pump parts; Ceramic pump parts;

Slurry pump; Chemical pump; etc.

We offer you high quality durable Slurry Pump Parts and many other products with the best value for money. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us!

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