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Hebei KATI Pump Group established in 2000, which has 150 staff, including 15 technical specialists. We have complete production equipment, more than 50 set of electric furnaces, intermediate frequency furnace etc., with 30 set of machining equipment. Complete process equipment, full production capacity of casting, machining, heat treatment, assembly, and test. We have independent design products, also can improve the pumps service life and efficiency.
The company has complete sales, technology, production and supply system, mainly provide various supporting slurry pump and water pump for the metallurgical, mining, power, coal and other enterprises. In house foundry, machining, heat treatment, welding, assembly, pump testing station and lab facilities, we manufacture most critical parts in our factory. Castings are mainly high chrome white iron. Output: 150tons/month, 200 pumps/month.
In order to expand overseas market, the company specially establishes international sales company and signs agency agreement with other kind pump or relevant products manufacturers to ensure that customers can get them with low price and high quality.

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